How does FAPLINK work?

Faplink is a community which collects the best porn videos. Users upload clips of their favorite videos. The clips are collected in the section “NEW”. Other users vote the clips. If a clip gets a positive upvote/downvote relation it moves to the “TOP” section. A selection of the best porn clips is collected there. You can go watch the clips and get linked to the full video.

Why should i REGISTER?

You can register for free. No personal data is collected. No spam mails will be sent. As a registered user you will be able to customize your profile, upload stuff, write comments and tags, and save your favorite clips in the favorites section. You can also use the sorting-tool, which enables you to view videos or photos separately. You are also able to collect DIAMONDS and spend them later.

Are there Rules?

Yes there are rules. You should read and follow them or you get banned from the site. Our Rules

What should be in the TAGS?

Every video has a Tag section. You must tag your video or photo with useful tags. Tags will be used to find your video/photo through the search function.

What are DIAMONDS and how do I get them?

Diamonds are a Faplink.net internal currency. You can earn Diamonds by uploading great, high quality content, writing funny comments or tagging useful tags. If a User upvotes your Video/Photo/Comment or Tag, you get a DIAMOND. In the future you can spend your diamonds in our gambling section and win great prices.

Why was my PROFILE deleted?

You probably violated the rules.

How can i delete a PHOTO?

Just fill out the contact form. Provide a link to the photo you want to get deleted. Please provide evidence that the photo is your property.

You violate my COPYRIGHT!!!!

On Faplink.net users upload content freely. We will sort out content if your copyright gets violated. Please fill out the contact form. Consider that your content on this site could also have positive advertising aspects for your own business.